Blogspot SEO Complete Guide [Updated 2020]

Many peoples use Blogspot (Also known as Blogger) for blogging but few of them knows about these advanced Blogspot SEO Settings.

Here I am going to share some Advanced Blogger SEO Settings which will help you to rank higher in search results to get unlimited traffic to your Blogger Blog.

Basic Settings For Blogspot SEO

Under the Basic settings in Blogspot, You will find 5 major settings that will boost your Blogspot Blogs SEO.

Basic Settings For Better Blogspot SEO
Basic Settings For Better Blogspot SEO

1. Title

The title of your blog is one of the most important part of Blogger SEO. Use your Blog Name as a Title which will help you in SEO and your visitors to find your blog.

2. Description

The description will show the purpose of your blog to your visitors. So use a short and precise description for your blog.

3. Privacy

In the privacy settings of your blog, make sure to select both the options as “Yes”. It will help search engines to find your blog and index it.

Privacy Settings In Blogger For SEO
Privacy Settings In Blogger For SEO

4. Publishing (Blog Address)

Always use a custom TLD (Top Level Domain) name which is beneficial for SEO Of A Blogger Blog.

5. Https Redirect

Always turn the https redirect on in the basic settings of blogger which will enable the SSL certificate in blogger and increase the security of your blog. There are many benefits of using SSL in your blog.

It will show your visitors that your site is secure. It will boost their confidence in using your blog. And also it is one of the ranking factors of Google. There are several other reasons to use https in your blog.

Language And Formatting Settings For Better SEO

Your blog language plays an important role in SEO. It helps google to understand the language of your blog and show your blog post in front of the users that have the same language.

Select the proper time zone as well to ensure that your blog will show the exact time when you post something.

Language And Formatting Settings for SEO In Blogger

Search Preferences (Most Important Blogspot SEO Settings)

Search Preferences settings in Blogger is one of the most important settings for the SEO of your Blog. Let me walk you through step by step process.

1. Meta Tags Search Description

Meta Tags Search Description is used to show the description of your blog in search results.

It also helps search engine crawlers to understand what is the Topic & Purpose of your blog.

Through the search preferences settings, you can set the description of the homepage of your blog.

And once it is turned on then you can also set the custom search description for your every individual post.

Meta Tags Setting in Blogger For SEO

2. Custom Robots.txt

Robots.txt file is used to tell the search engine crawlers that what they can crawl in our site and what they can’t.

So it is always a good option to enable custom robots.txt to ensure that search engine crawlers can only index the necessary things of your blog.

Blogspot SEO - custom robots.txt setting

Copy this custom robots.txt file and paste it to your Blogspot blog. Just replace the sitemap link with the sitemap of your blog.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


3. Custom Robots Header Tags

Always enable the custom robots header tags under crawlers and indexing section of Search Preferences settings in Blogspot.

It will tell the search engine crawlers that what should be indexed and what shouldn’t be indexed in search engine results.

Just tick all the boxes in custom robots header tags as you can see below in the image.

Custom robots header tags for BlogSpot

Additional Settings

These additional settings are directly not related to the SEO Of Blogspot Blog but it will help you in the future to optimize your blog and posts.

1. Connect Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is one of the webmaster tools provided by Google.

It is very important to connect your blog with the google search console. There are many reasons for this. Here are a few of them.

  • To track the performance of your blog.
  • To submit the sitemap of your blog to Google.
  • To check backlinks of your blog.
  • To find Technical SEO problems.

You will find the Google Search Console option under the Crawler And Indexing option in the Search Preferences settings of your blog.

Google Search Console option in Blogger

Here you have to click on the edit and it will redirect you to the search console page. Simply log in using the same Gmail account that you use for your blogger blog.

Once signed in, You will get an option to add a property. Simply type the naked URL of your blog (without www or https) under the domain option and click on continue.

As you are signed in using the same Google Account which is associated with your Blogger Blog, Your property will be verified automatically via Affiliated Product Verification Method.

Google Search Console Property Verification

Now it will take around 24 hours to show the data of your blog in your Search Console account.

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2. Connect Google Analytics

Apart from the Google search console, Google Analytics is another tool that a blogger should always use.

It will help you to track and monitor your blog traffic (Organic, Referral, Social & Direct).

using this, you can also track your goal conversions and many more things.

Here is the guide on How To Connect Google Analytics With Blogspot.

Bonus Tips

Apart from Google, there are many other search engines that can bring thousands of visitors to your blog. Bing, Yahoo, Baidu are one of those.

Make sure to submit your blog to these search engines using their webmaster tool.

And you don’t have to use any other external meta tags generator because you can directly set meta title and meta description in Blogspot.

And now Google skips the meta keywords and don’t consider it as a ranking factor.

Final Words

These settings are a part of Blogspot Blog SEO, which can help you to achieve higher rankings in Google. But only these settings are not enough to rank high in search engines like Google.

Your content should be SEO Optimized and it should help your visitors.

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Apart from that you also need a few Backlinks from relevant and authoritative sites.

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Do share this Blogspot SEO Settings post with your friends, family members, co-workers, etc. 🙂

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