What is Event Blogging? #1 Ultimate Guide On Event Blogging.

What is Event Blogging? How Much You Can Earn from Event Blogging? How To Start Event Blogging? etc. You might have these questions in your mind.

If you have the same questions in your mind then you have come to the right place.

This Event Blogging Guide will answer your every query that you have in your mind.

Event Blogging Guide - Pro Blogging World
Event Blogging Guide – Pro Blogging World

What Is Event Blogging?

The way of Blogging which covers all the details about any specific event or any specific day is called Event Blogging.

If any blogger is targeting the audiences for any special day i.e. valentines day through their blog then it is Event Blogging.

Event Blogging can be considered as one of the quickest ways to earn money from blogging.

Event Blogging Pros

  • One of the quickest ways of earning money online.
  • Higher Earning In Less Time.
  • Less Investment Of Money & Time.

Event Blogging is an easy and quickest way to earn huge money online in less time. You don’t have to spend lots of your time. You can set up an Event Blog in very less time.

Many peoples don’t have much time to run a normal blog where they need to be active on a regular period. So they can consider running an event blog to earn money online.

Event Blogging Cons

  • You need to be online for the whole day during the event period.
  • If you are running an event blog on WordPress then it will be very costly for you.

One of the major drawbacks of Event Blogging is that during the Event Period you need to be online to keep checking your blog.

Because due to the high traffic your blog might get crashed and if you don’t keep your eyes on the blog then you might lose your precious visitors.

And the second drawback is that you need a dedicated server if you are running an event blog in WordPress, And it can cost you a lot of money.

So we recommend using Blogger to create your event blog as it is free and it can handle any number of traffic on your blog without any hassle.

Follow this guide to create your blog in Blogger: How To Create A Blog In Blogger?

How To Start Event Blogging?

  1. Find a Trending & Less Competitive Niche.
  2. Do proper Keyword Research to find out less competitive keywords in your niche.
  3. Create a Blog.
  4. Write unique content.
  5. Do proper On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO for your blog.
  6. Share your content as much as you can through social networking & microblogging sites.

Event Blogging Niche or Topics

  1. Diwali
  2. Holi
  3. Navratri
  4. Ganesh Chaturthi
  5. Happy New Year
  6. Christmas
  7. Easter
  8. Eid
  9. Rio Carnival
  10. Valentines day
  11. Mothers Day
  12. Boston Marathon
  13. Christmas
  14. Olympics
  15. IPL (Indian Premier League)
  16. FIFA World Cup
  17. Elections
  18. Cricket World Cup
  19. Friendship day
  20. Raksha Bandhan

These are some events for which you can create your blog. You can do your own research to find out less competitive keywords for blogging.

Best Platform For Event Blogging

As the traffic of any event blog is uncertain. No one can actually predict how much traffic he/she is going to get in his/her blog.

So if you have money to invest then you can go with WordPress along with a Dedicated Hosting Plan or VPS Hosting Plan for your Event Blog.

But if you don’t have that much money to invest in hosting then we will recommend you to go with Blogger.

Event Blogging Best Platform - Blogger By Google

Blogger can handle any number of traffic and it is absolutely free. You just need to get a custom domain name which will cost you around $2-3 Annually.

Around 60%-70% Event Bloggers use Blogger or Blogspot as their Blogging Platform For Events.

Event Blogging Earning

Event Blogging has a huge potential for earning. Many Event Bloggers are earning $1000+ daily from their event blog. You can choose any upcoming event and start your Event blog on that specific event.

Many bloggers are earning thousands of dollars just by selling affiliate products during any festive seasons.

As during the festive seasons, Some gigantic companies like Amazon, Flipkart give discounts on every purchase so peoples tend to buy most of the products during this time.

It can multiply your earnings many times if your blog starts ranking for any particular keyword with good traffic.

Ways To Earn Money Through Event Blogging

There are many ways to earn money from event blogging. You can either earn by displaying ads on your event blog or You can earn through affiliate marketing or by selling your own products.

Ways To Earn Money From Event Blogging
  1. By Using Ad Networks (AdSense, PropellerAds, Media.net, etc).
  2. By Affiliate Marketing.
  3. By Selling Your Own Products.

1) By Using Ad Networks

Approximately all the event bloggers earn money by displaying advertisements on their blogs. AdSense by Google is the recommended ad network for everyone.

In some cases, bloggers don’t get approval for their blog from AdSense then you can use other ad networks such as Media.net, PropellarAds, etc. to monetize your blog.

2) By Affiliate Marketing

If you are working on any Event and there are several products that fit into your event then you should go with Affiliate Marketing to earn money from your blog.

Affiliate Marketing will pay you more than any ad network and as the products are related to your blog’s event than there is a high chance of earning more money than any ad network.

You can join any affiliate marketing like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

3) By Selling Your Own Products

You can earn by selling your own products through your event blog if you have your own products that suit your event.

It will pay you more than any ad networks or affiliate products.

You can take the help of Free SEO Tools such as UberSuggest, Google Trends & Google Keyword Planner to find out the trending and less competitive niche for Blogging.

Final Words

Event Blogging is a short term of blogging for a few days. Despite that, it is one of the quickest ways to earn money from blogging.

There are also some chances that due to high competition your blog will not rank and you even won’t be able to recover your investments.

So it’s better to do after you gain some knowledge about Blogging and SEO to rank your blog in different keywords.

I hope you will find this Event Blogging Guide helpful. Do share it if it solved your query.

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