What Are LSI Keywords? 5 Best And Free LSI Keywords Generator Tools.

LSI Keywords are becoming more important day by day. Using LSI Keywords on your blog posts can help you improve overall SEO and increases visibility and search traffic.

What are LSI Keywords?
What are LSI Keywords?

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI Keywords are the related terms for any search query that peoples are searching on the web.

It helps search engine bots to deeply understand your content and provide more relevant results to users.

Let’s assume, you’ve written a post about “Apple”. How do search engines understand what your post is really about?

Apple Company VS. Apple Fruit - LSI Comparison
Apple Company VS. Apple Fruit

It could be about Apple Fruit or Apple Company.

To understand your post deeply, Search Engine Bots looks for LSI Keywords.

So if search engines will find words like Fruit, Juice, Eat, Cider Vinegar, etc. then they will understand that your post is about Apple Fruit.

And if search engines find words like iPhone, Mobile, iPad, Watch, Keyboard, etc. their bots will understand that you are talking about Apple Company.

Most peoples have the misconception that LSI Keywords and Synonyms both are the same.

But in reality, they are not the same but Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords include related words to any search query.

To give you an example, Synonym of Running is Jogging but LSI Keywords for Running will be Shoes, Watches, Etc.

LSI Keywords For Running
LSI Keywords For Running

Importance of LSI Keywords in SEO

A few years back, Google bots used to look only for keywords.

This means if Google saw “SEO” several times in any post, Then the google bots would have analyzed it as this post is about SEO.

That’s why Keyword density was so important to rank higher in search results a few years back.

But many peoples started taking advantage of it and they started keyword stuffing to fool google bots and rank their page higher in the google search results.

So that’s why in 2015, Google introduced “RankBrain” to understand the content of a page.

And with this algorithm update, Google started to use machine learning to process search queries and give more relevant results to users.

But Google is much smarter today. Google bots can now read your content and understand it like a human do.

Now Google bots rely on LSI Keywords to understand the overall topic of a post or page deeply.

But still Google or any search engine bots look for Main Keyword in Title, Meta Description, Permalink, Image ALT Text and Body of your content.

Best Free LSI Keywords Generator Tool

You can use LSI Keywords Generator Tools to generate unlimited numbers of LSI Keywords related to your main keyword.

Here are some best tools to find related terms for your main keyword.

1. Google Auto-Complete

Google auto-complete is one of the best tools that I use to find LSI keywords for my main keyword.

Simply type your main keyword in the Google search bar and Google will automatically give you some semantic keywords.

All the bold text after or before your main keyword are semantic keywords for your keyword.

Tools, Keywords, Course, etc. are Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords for the keyword “Affiliate Marketing”.

LSI Keywords For Affiliate Marketing
LSI Keywords For Affiliate Marketing

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is another great tool that you can use to find hundreds of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords.

Simply create an account with Google Keyword Planner and click on “Discover New Keywords”

Then type your main keyword under the “Start With Keywords” option and click on “Get Results”.

Free LSI Keyword Generator Tool - Keyword Planner
Free LSI Keyword Generator Tool – Keyword Planner

Once you get the results now add filters to get LSI keywords for your main keyword.

Click on “Add Filter” and then select “Keyword Text” then select “Contains” from the drop-down menu and type in your main keyword and hit “Apply”.

Semantic Keywords for SEO
Semantic Keywords for SEO

And now you will get hundreds of Results. All the words after or before our main keyword “SEO” are “LSI Keywords for SEO

3. LSIKeywords.com

LSIKeywords.com is a great tool to find LSI Keywords. It also shows you Monthly Volume, CPC & Competition of those keywords.

Free LSI Keyword Generator Tool - LSIKeywords
Free LSI Keyword Generator Tool – LSIKeywords

4. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is a free All-in-One SEO Tool by Neil Patel. Simply search for your keyword and go to Keyword Ideas.

It will show you thousands of keywords related to your main keyword.

Filter out the best ones and use them in your post.

Free LSI Keyword Generator Tool - UberSuggest
Free LSI Keyword Generator Tool – UberSuggest

5. LSIGraph

You can also use LSIGraph to find Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords for your main keyword.

Just type in your main keyword and click on Generate. It will give you dozens of LSI Keywords.

But there is a daily limit of 3 Times use.

Free LSI Keyword Generator Tool - LSIGraph
Free LSI Keyword Generator Tool – LSIGraph

This 5 Best & Free LSI Keywords Generators Tools will help you to find hundreds of related terms related to your keywords.

These tools also give you Long Tail Keywords which can help you to generate target traffic to your blog or website.

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I have tried my best to cover as much as I can. If you have any other questions in your mind, comment down below.

And do share this post with everyone if you find this post helpful.

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