What is a Permalink? Is it important in SEO?

Google has a long list of 200+ ranking factors, Permalink considered one of those.

And here we have broken down what is a Permalink, types of Permalink and how it impacts the SEO of your website one-by-one.

What is a Permalink and How it impacts SEO
What is a Permalink and How it impacts SEO

What is a Permalink?

Permalink is the permanent link of a page, post, categories, tags and other lists of postings on your site or blog that remains unchanged even after you change the contents.

It remains unchanged until you change it, but it’s advisable not to change your permalinks.

Here’s an example:

Permalinks Example

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How Permalinks Structure impacts SEO?

Permalink is a ranking factor out of the 200+ Google ranking factors. Not so big signal but it gives you a slight edge over longer URLs.

Directly or indirectly, short and descriptive URLs impacts the SEO of your site. Here is how?

A result that matches their search intent the most and looks more likely to give the answer to their queries get more clicks.

For instance, You search for Google Tools List& you see these 2 URLs in the search result.

Descriptive Slug Increases CTR
Descriptive URLs Increases CTR

Which one looks more promising to you? which one you think will give you the answer.

Of course, the second one. Because it seems to give the answer you are looking for.

And as descriptive URLs increase the CTR of your page which is also a ranking signal for Google.

A study by ahrefs also shows that short and descriptive URLs have a slight edge over the long and undescriptive URLs in the ranking.

Short URL tends to rank higher
Short URL tends to rank higher

But if you already have a long URL, should you consider restructuring it just to add your keywords?

The answer is “NO”.

Here’s what John Mueller said:

I believe that is a very small ranking factor. So it is not something I’d really try to force. And it is not something Iā€™d say it is even worth your effort to restructure your site just so you can get keywords in your URL.

How to choose the right Permalink Structure?

If you’re using Blogger then you can’t change it because Blogger provides a default permalink structure.

But, If you’re a WordPress user, you have different permalink structures to choose from.

Simply hover over to Settings and then click on Permalinks. Now choose the structure you want.

How to change Permalinks Structure in WordPress

If you are writing about any trending content or you have a news site then you can use dates in URLs.

But if your content is for the long term & you change it keep it up-to-date then it is not advisable to use dates in the URLs.

Key Points

Don’t change your existing URLs just for the sake of adding keywords to it.

But if you’re going to start a new blog or site then you should consider using short and descriptive URLs.

Final Words

So, are you going to start using short & descriptive permalinks? Let me know in the comments.

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