Speed Up Blogger Blog 2X faster (Score 90+ In PageSpeed)

This is the result that we are going to achieve and I am gonna share How To Speed Up Blogger Blog 2X Faster and achieve 90+ results in PageSpeed Insights.

How To Speed Up Blogger Blog Speed 2X Faster - Pro Blogging World
How To Speed Up Blogger Blog Speed 2X Faster – Pro Blogging World

Nobody likes a slow website and if your blog takes too much time to load, Your visitors will bounce back from your site.

Apart from that, The loading speed of a Blog or Website is one of the Google’s ranking factors.

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And if you are using WordPress then there are plenty of plugins that can help you to improve your blog speed.

But if we talk about Optimizing Blogspot Blog Speed then you have to do it on your own.

If you are familiar with coding then it is a cup of tea for you but if you ain’t a coding guy then this guide on How To Speed Up Blogger Blog Speed is for you.

Here are the ways that I’ve used to achieve a 90+ score in both (Mobile & Desktop) version of Google PageSpeed Insights.

1. Use Fast Loading Blogger Template

There are thousands of blogger templates out there on the internet. But all templates are not well optimized for the fast blog speed.

Well coded means a well-structured code with only necessary Javascript & CSS.

I’ve used FlexBlog Blogger Template By Templatesyard for this guide. If you wish you can use other fast loading blogger templates.

2. Use Compressed Images

Using uncompressed images can increase your blog loading time around 20-30%.

And uncompressed images are one of the top reasons behind a slow loading speed of a blog or website.

So make sure to compress your images before uploading it to your blog.

You can use Photoshop to compress your images for the web or you can use a website TinyPNG that I personally use to compress images.

Use Compressed Images To Speed Up Your  Blogger Blog - Pro Blogging World

Here you can see the results. Compressed images can save hundreds of KB in your loading time.

3. Don’t Use Google Fonts

Custom Google Fonts may look good to eyes but it is one of the render-blocking elements which can significantly increase your blog’s loading time.

If we use even 1 Google font on our blog, it will negatively impact your blogger blog’s speed and increase the loading time.

So it’s recommended to not use custom google fonts on your blog, which can improve the performance and speed of a blog.

Note: It will change the font family of your blog.

How To Remove Google Fonts From Blogger Template?

1. Go To Blogger Dashboard

2. Go to Themes option & Click on edit HTML

3. Now in between the <head> & </head> you will find a GoogleAPI code like this.

<link href='//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,600,700' media='all' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>

4. Simple select and remove the GoogleAPI code from your template.

4. Remove Unnecessary Widgets

Unnecessary widgets can slow down your blog speed. Such as the Facebook page widget in the sidebar can increase the impact of third-party code.

So it’s recommended, Only use necessary widgets and remove unnecessary widgets from your Blogspot blog.

5. Use Less Number Of Javascript Code

Javascript codes take more time to load than other codes of your blog. So I will advise you to use less number of javascript codes on your blog.

Google Adsense also uses javascript to show ads on your blog, So use the minimum number of ads on your blog.

6. Remove Background Images

If you are using any background images on your blog then it will increase tour blogs loading time.

Remove the background from your Blogspot blog to make it load faster.

7. Use Fewer Posts On Homepage

Using a large number of posts on your blog’s homepage will increase its loading time because it will also load the featured images while loading your homepage.

And as we all know that images can slow down your blog’s loading speed even if it is compressed.

So using less number of posts on the homepage of your blog can dramatically increase the loading time of your Blogger Blog.

Use Less Number Of Posts To Speed Up your Blogger Blog

To decrease the number of posts that appears on your homepage, Simply go to Settings > Posts. Comments and Sharing > Posts and under posts reduce the number in “Show At most” to “5 Posts On the Main page“.

Results (Speed Up Blogger Blog Post)

How To Optimize Blogger Blog Speed - Result Mobile
How To Speed Up Blogger Blog Speed Result – Mobile
How To Speed Up Blogger Blog Results  - Desktop
How To Speed Up Blogger Blog Results – Desktop

Final Words

If you are not familiar with coding then make sure to take a backup of your blog before making any changes.

Let me know in the comment section if it helps. And feel free to share it with your friends, family members & co-workers if it helps.

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    • Hey Sajid, If you remove Google fonts then it will change to the fallback font, that is sans serif in animo blogger template as I’ve checked that template now.

      You can change it to any other system default fonts like Verdana or Helvetica by tweaking some codes in your template. Or if in case you don’t like the default system font then you can use the Google fonts πŸ™‚

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