What is a Blog? Detailed Guide On Blog, Blogging & Blogger.

Often we came across the question that What is a blog? What does a blog, blogger and blogging means?

If you are searching for the same question, what is a blog, blogger or blogging then you are at the right place.

Here I am going to give you a brief introduction to the blog, blogging, and blogger. At first, we come to one of the most asked questions across the internet.

What is a Blog? Detailed Guide On Blog, Blogging & Blogger.
What is a Blog? Detailed Guide On Blog, Blogging & Blogger.

What is a blog?

A blog is the short form of the term “Weblog“. A blog is a publicly accessible and regularly updated website that displays the post in the reverse chronological order where the newer post appears first and the older one appears at last.

It is a platform where any individual or a small group of peoples or any organization can share informative, knowledgeable, funny, etc. contents related to any particular topic or any product and services.

In the mid-’90s a blog was more like an online diary where people used to share everything related to their life or anything they were interested in but in today’s era, it becomes an important part of market strategies for any business.

Businesses are using a blog to increase their revenue and build authority among audiences similar to their business.

 What is a blog Term Blog, Blogging & Blogger Explained. - ProBloggingWorld
What is a blog? Term Blog, Blogging & Blogger Explained. – ProBloggingWorld

What is the difference between A Blog & A Website?

Before discussing what is the difference between A Blog & A Website, you should know what is a Blog & What is a website. As we’ve already discussed above What is a blog.

Let me give you a short introduction to the Website. A website is a set or collection of pages contains all the information about any Individual or any Business under a domain and a Blog can be a part of a Website.

The main difference between A Blog & A Website is that Blogs are regularly updated where the posts are displayed in reverse order where the newer posts appear first but websites are static in nature. A website doesn’t receive updates on a regular basis.

Why you should start a blog and what are the advantages of a blog?

You might have heard that someone is telling you to start a blog for your business or your personal blog. After explaining what is a blog, let us explain to you why you should have a blog.

Because if you are an individual then you can share your personal experience or anything related to any specific topic that you like the most in your blog.

It will help you to connect with the peoples who are interested in your topics so that they can give you their valuable feedback and help you to improve your skills.

And if you own a business then it will help you to rank high in SERPs of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and gain more visibility for your services and product. Because as a business, you always rely on the customer to buy or purchase your products and services.

A blog can help you to generate more sales, Improve your business branding and acquire new customers for your business. It also helps you to build the authority of your business.

A blog can make your website more authentic and it helps you to build trust among your customers if you are just starting or you are not an established business.

Do you know, you can Earn Money From A Blog. Yes! it’s true. Nowadays peoples are also earning through their blog. By displaying ads, selling their products or services and affiliate marketing, etc.

What is a blog Term Blog, Blogging & Blogger Explained. - ProBloggingWorld
What is a blog? Term Blog, Blogging & Blogger Explained. – ProBloggingWorld

Advantages of a blog :

  • To increase SERPs of your website
  • Gain more visibility for your business
  • Acquire new customers for your business
  • Generate more relevant leads for your business to generate more sales
  • To connect with the relevant peoples in your niche.
  • To improve the branding and authenticity of a business.
  • To build trust and rapport with your audience.
  • It’s one of the greatest ways to communicate with peoples.
  • To build your social profile.
  • To improve writing skills

If you share Unique Blog Posts more frequently than your competitors, then it increases the chance of getting higher ranking in SERPs. It also increases the chance of getting your website discovered by your relevant audiences.

A Blog of your website can help you to generate more relevant leads for your business to grow your sells. Without blogging your website might remain invisible to your targeted audience. Now the question arises,

How to start a blog?

Starting a blog is not a big deal if you have an idea that what your blog should be about or what should be your blogging niche. But it’s a headache if you don’t know what topic you are going to choose as a niche to Start A Blog.

Let me give you an idea to select your niche. Just follow your passion write about anything you like to do. Do you like football? Go write about football. You just need to start writing no matter what is your niche.

What is a blog Term Blog, Blogging & Blogger Explained. - ProBloggingWorld
What is a blog? Term Blog, Blogging & Blogger Explained. – ProBloggingWorld

And once you have selected your niche then here’s the short guide for you to start a blog in Self Hosted WordPress.

  • Select your niche or topic for the blog in which you’re interested in
  • Buy a domain and hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Select a theme and decide the look of your blog.
  • Start writing unique content or Unique Blog Post.
  • Start marketing your blog.

Now you might think what is a Unique Blog Post?

Unique Blog Post simply refers to those contents which are not plagiarized. In other words, you have written the Blog Post by your self and you haven’t copied it from any other blog.

If your Blog Post is unique than there’s a high chance for you to rank high in SERPs of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

It is also a great way to stand out from others because you’re providing value to your visitor that will turn them into your regular readers.

Free Alternatives Of WordPress :

  1. Blogspot.Com also know as Blogger (Recommended)
  2. Tumblr.com
  3. WordPress.Com
Blogger Or Blogspot Lgo

If you want to start a blog for free and don’t want to invest at the initial stage of blogging then you can start your blog with free alternatives of Self Hosted WordPress.

Among all the Free Alternatives Of WordPress For Blogging, Blogspot.com is the best choice. Because of WordPress.com has plenty of limitations. But, if you are willing to learn how WordPress works then you can give it a try.

Here’s Short idea about How To Start A Free Blog Using Blogspot.com

  • Create a Gmail account.
  • Go to blogspot.com and sign in using your Gmail account.
  • Create a blog.
  • Select a free theme (Search on google: free Blogspot themes).
  • Upload it to your blog and apply the theme to your blog.
  • Start writing and sharing your post.

You can read step by step detailed guide on how to create a free blog on blogger here: 9 Steps to create a blog in Blogger

Now come to the question “What Is Blogging”?

Blogging is the mixed form of all the skills that you need to run a blog. It is the mixed form of Creating a Blog, Writing skills, Posting the blog, Linking, Sharing and Marketing the content, etc.

It’s important to mention that Blogging is getting more and more popularity day by day. There are approx 1 billion blogs on the internet means there is 1 blog for every 7 peoples in the world.

What is a blog? Term Blog, Blogging & Blogger Explained. – ProBloggingWorld

Why Blogging is getting popularity and why it is so popular?

There are many reasons why Blogging is so popular around the world :

  1. Search Engines loves a frequently updated website with unique content, so it’s one of the best ways for SEO.
  2. Blogging helps you to build trust and rapport among your relevant audience, Not only you can show what you know and what is your expertise. But blogging helps people to interact with you in comments and build credibility so people can trust you and become your customer.
  3. Blogging provides you with a unique way to keep your customers up-to-date, with your latest offers, new deals, etc.
  4. Blogging becomes flexible and portable, Nowadays you can start blogging even if you have a smartphone and an internet connection. You can post content anytime anywhere you want by using your smartphone.
  5. You can earn money through blogging. By showing advertisements, selling affiliate products or services, selling their own services or products, etc. there are many ways to earn money from blogging.

Downsides of blogging :

Even after having a great advantage, Blogging has some downsides as well. Let’s have a look at the downsides of blogging.

  1. Blogging requires time. as I said before, there are around 1 billion blogs on the internet as of now. You have to post unique content more frequently to engage more visitors and turn them into regular readers. in mid-90’s it was easy to get top of SERPs rankings. but now it becomes harder than ever before. So blogging takes time to give you the result.
  2. You need to come out with unique ideas to succeed. You need to post unique content to succeed in blogging. you can’t just copy and paste from other blogs and wait for thousands of visitors to visit your blog.
  3. You need to offer more than just a text-based blog post.  If you are just posting text-based content than it is going to be almost impossible for you to rank higher in the SERPs. 

Now let’s discuss What is a Blogger?

In today’s era Bloggers are becoming more famous than ever since blogging started for many reasons. A Blogger is living a wealthy life by earning through his or her blog and becoming influencers because they have a targeted and loyal audience base.

Meaning of Blogger

A Blogger is a person who performs all the actions such as Writing content, Managing & Marketing for a Blog. A Blogger is a person who shares his/her opinion, experience, suggestion, advice, etc. on various topics.

What is a blog Everything You Need To Know About Blog, Blogging & Blogger Explained.
What is a blog? Term Blog, Blogging & Blogger Explained. – ProBloggingWorld

How do Bloggers earn money?

There are various methods through which Bloggers can earn money. Many bloggers from all over the world are making a very healthy income through their blogs. Let’s discuss those various methods through which Bloggers are making money.

  1. By monetizing their blogs with many advertisement networks (Google Adsense, Media.net, Propeller ads are popular ones)
  2. By selling Ad spaces in their blogs.
  3. By Selling Backlinks (Not recommended as it is against Googles Webmaster Guideline)
  4. By Affiliate Marketing
  5. Selling their own Services or Products (Such as eBooks, Consulting charges, etc.)
  6. Selling Memberships, etc.

Final Words

We hope your all doubts about these terms (Blog, Blogging & Blogger) are clear now. And if your doubts are cleared and now you want to start your own blog then go ahead start your own blog and posts valuable content to your readers.

If you need any help to set up your blog feel free to comment below. We will be happy to help you.

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